When you bid on an item, you have two options

  1. You click on ‘bid’ button and we try to make that bid. However, when other bidders have already bid on that item, your bid might not be the winning bid because of how automatic bidding works.
  2. Automatic bidding. You write down how much your max-bid is in the bidding-field and we will bid on behalf of you up to that amount. When another bidder outbids you, we will bid for you up to your max-bid. You max-bid amount is how much you are willing to pay for an item, if no other bidder outbids you, you will only pay the initial bid amount not the max-bid.

Yes, and no. It depends on the seller’s return policy. You could still message the seller and see if they are willing to issue a refund. If you received an item that’s not as described and you have messaged the seller but they didn’t agree to refund you, you can contact us and we will try to step in and resolve the dispute.

No, we don’t store your credit card information when you make a purchase on

Totally. We take our customers’ security very seriously. We process your payment through secure servers.

Sometimes. It depends on the product seller.

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